Vintage Race Group at BeaveRun

Vintage Racer Group at BeaveRun-July 8 & 9


Turners on the false grid prior to the special Turner race. This was part of a special Turner Reunion at this event


#11 about to be passed by V-8 Devin


#11 Following a Kurtis through Turn 2


A cool old 122S "Amazon" on the false grid


This Abarth is GREEN!


An Ermini  with a one-off DeDion rear (based partly on a Rover 2000 TC) running an ALFA powerplant. Very pretty much slick engineering, but rear-end failed (it has inboard drums).


False Grid for Group # 2. This Elva had an overheating problem. He would back off and wave me by to let the Ford cool down.....then after cooling a bit, he'd tear passed me. British cars!


False Grid-Group #2. The Lotus was quick but the 1147 Spitfire was a surprisingly fast.


Group # 2. Down the hill and into the back straight. A Spit, a Mini, a Turner, a Volvo PV, a Midget, an Elva, me and a Datsun 2000. Nice mix!


Had a great time racing this Spridget until my axle-failure.


A neat, chain-drive Honda S800 roadster.


Engine from the S800 (above).


A neat Pit-Trike. Cool and very "period".


A V-4 Sonnet "roadster" complete with column shift. Fast!


Daimler SP-250 (jacked up for repair in this picture). Made great sounds. Got towed in from one race.


False Grid for special Turner race. This is about 15% of all the Turners in the USA!

A nice Group 2 Spridget.


A small-bore race...lots of nice "oldies".


One of several nice 356s


A Moke used by one of the teams as their "pit buggy".


A clever Mini-transporter made from a motor-home.


A new-MINI Police car.


OK, this one lost me....

It's a Mini with a gas-grill under the hood (instead of an engine).

A "Mini-Cooker", I guess. You can rent it for parties.....Ohhhhhh Kaaaaay?!?!


That's a supercharger hiding under the hood of this "T".


A very well-driven Jag FHC.


Lots of nice Jags in attendance. Jag is this years chosen marque.


The inboard drums on this Elva sports racer....neat!


Speaking of drums, you know you're at a vintage event when the formula cars have drum brakes.


A lovely Elite.


This is the view you will get if you race this 427 Cobra.


Nice setup....a lift in the transporter.


Big bore race. Not boring at all!


V8s, then sixes, then fours.


My #11 having a good race with a similar car.


Two Brit roadsters (me and a TR3) between two Minis.


The Jag is pulling away smartly as we pass a TR3.

Four Elvas in this photo. There were at least two more on hand.

427 Ford. Torque!


The Jag looms on an unsuspecting BMC-posse.


A nice mix of Brits (But I'd like this picture better if I wasn't last).

I like this picture least I'm in the middle of things.


Attempting a pass on two Datsuns....I think I got one of them.


The checker waves and the Elva starts to tear passed me.

Me, fixing one of the three axles I broke that weekend...keeps me out of trouble, I guess.

Getting towed in for the third and last time (no more spare axles).